Your treatment will start with a consultation with Dr. Jason Burns, one of our experienced Invisalign® clinicians, who will examine you, talk to you about your personal goals for your smile, and develop a computer model of your treatment. This will show where your teeth are at the start of the process and map out the journey to your ideal smile. Once you have reviewed the plan, we will arrange for a set of bespoke Invisalign® aligners to be made just for you.

You’ll wear each clear and comfortable aligner for two weeks, before moving on to the next in your series of aligners. As each is slightly different from the last, they will move your teeth gradually into the desired position. During treatment you will visit us periodically – usually every two months – so we can monitor your progress and provide you with your next set of aligners.

If you’d like to treat yourself to a healthier, more beautiful smile, book an appointment with us so we can discuss your needs and evaluate if Invisalign® is right for you.




Why Choose Us?

In a word, experience. We plan our cases with InvisibleTx, this ensures your Invisalign teeth straightening treatment is the speediest and most accurate available.


What is holding you back from Invisalign teeth straightening?

I want the quickest, cheapest and the most discrete option

We have many different brace options so you and I can discuss the brace that most suits your needs

Can I get Invisalign braces on the NHS?

No, but there are circumstances that you can get NHS braces as an adult but we can refer you if we think your treatment could be carried out by an NHS orthodontist.

I don’t want the treatment to go on for years, I want Fast Braces

If you are suitable, the treatment can be completed in as little as 10 weeks, so it doesn’t need to go on for years.

But my teeth look so yellow as well

With Invisalign, we offer free teeth whitening and so you get a dazzling white smile to go with your straight teeth. A complete smile makeover!

Having impressions taken makes me gag

We have an Itero scanner so no more gagging impressions. Your braces can be made from a scan.

I won’t be able to afford Invisalign Braces

We provide finance so the payments can be spread over time to suit your budget. Terms and Conditions apply

Can I straighten my teeth without braces?

Invisalign is a type of brace but it is just more discrete and a popular adult brace option.

I’m worried Invisalign braces are too expensive

Adult braces can cost from only £2000, depending on the number of teeth being aligned. So you don’t have to spend many thousands of pounds aligning all your teeth. We call it “Social Six Orthodontics”

Why have Invisalign teeth straightening with us?

Dentist supported treatment

Support if there are issues mid-treatment

Free teeth reshaping.

Braces fitted by a dentist

We do not deliver our aligners to you through the post!

Quality & fit check is done by us in surgery

No impressions required

Discrete & nearly invisible



No extractions required

Single arch or both

The treatment takes 10 to 36 weeks approx.

Free consultation & smile outcome scan

Free whitening

Complimentary bonding

Finance options available T&Cs

We are Not “Braces Direct"

All of our Treatments are fully monitored & supported by a dentist